3 Benefits of Zeal’s SmartPOS Plugin for Payment Acquirers and ISVs

Did you know that over 210 million POS terminals process transactions without providing retailers with insights into their paying customers? (Statista)

3 Benefits of Zeal’s SmartPOS Plugin for Payment Acquirers and ISVs
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In the digital age, e-commerce platforms have the advantage of effortlessly gathering extensive customer data—ranging from personal information such as names and email addresses to behavioral insights and purchase history. This wealth of data enables them to tailor customer experiences, foster loyalty, and drive sales. Conversely, physical retailers and FMCGs are often at a disadvantage, missing out on capturing this valuable customer information due to the limitations of traditional POS terminals.
Recognizing this gap, Zeal introduces its groundbreaking SmartPOS Plugin. Designed as an advanced value-added service, this plugin equips payment acquirers and ISVs worldwide with the tools to transform POS terminals into powerful hubs of customer insight.
By integrating Zeal's SmartPOS Plugin, physical retailers can now unlock the potential to identify, retain, and reward their customers with the same level of sophistication as their online counterparts. This not only levels the playing field but also opens up new avenues for data-driven strategies, loyalty programs, and AI-enhanced functionalities, seamlessly merging the best of both retail worlds.

Before delving into the advantages of the SmartPOS Plugin for acquirers and ISVs, it is essential to understand the concept of Value-Added Services (VAS) within the payment acquiring ecosystem. Value-Added Services extend beyond the basic offerings of a business, enhancing the overall customer experience with additional, differentiated features.
These services not only distinguish a business from its competitors but are instrumental in increasing revenue streams, appealing particularly to Payment Service Providers seeking innovative strategies to elevate their market position and financial performance.

Zeal's SmartPOS Plugin manifests the essence of a Value-Added Service by transcending traditional transactional capabilities. It transforms the POS terminal into a nexus of customer engagement and analytics, incorporating a loyalty program application for consumers and an AI-driven data analytics platform for merchants.
This integration enriches the payment landscape for payment acquirers and ISVs, presenting them with a triple-tiered value proposition: enhancing customer loyalty, providing actionable business insights, and driving the evolution of Value-Added Services within their merchant offerings.

Here are three key benefits for ISVs and Payment Acquirers in adopting the SmartPOS Plugin, aimed at maximizing the potential of their POS terminals and propelling their merchants into the forefront of the Value-Added Services (VAS) revolution:

Stand Out in a competitive market

In a crowded payments sector, it's essential to make your POS terminal stand out by meeting the specific needs of your audience. The SmartPOS Plugin enriches retail operations by identifying card-paying customers and offering merchants valuable insights, thanks to its advanced features beyond mere transaction processing.

Now, imagine this: you walk into your favorite coffee shop for your daily fix and experience a seamless payment process complemented by a friendly smile. It gets better when you're invited to download the Zeal app for exclusive perks on your next visit. With easy contactless payment and enticing rewards just a tap away, the coffee shop provides a personalized experience that makes you keep coming back for more.

Boost revenue with the subscription model

As a payment acquirer or an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you're continuously exploring innovative strategies to increase your revenue. Zeal's SmartPOS Plugin empowers you to tap into the potential of value-added services, thereby creating new revenue streams through a monthly subscription model per terminal. This approach allows you to monetize your existing fleet of terminals by offering merchants a suite of advanced features. These features not only provide insights into customer preferences and behaviors but also include customized loyalty programs and incentives, facilitating the cultivation of long-term customer relationships and converting sporadic transactions into a steady flow of income.

Moreover, the flexibility of Zeal's SmartPOS Plugin to integrate seamlessly with both Android and Linux terminals means you can expand your service offerings without being restricted by hardware compatibility. This versatility enhances the customer experience and streamlines the integration process, significantly reducing both the time and costs associated with deployment. By adopting a subscription-based model, you position yourself to continuously generate revenue, maximizing the profitability of your existing terminal infrastructure.

Unlock comprehensive data analytics dashboard

Zeal's plugin introduces a powerful data analytics dashboard, enabling merchants to dive deep into their customer data with ease. This user-friendly platform allows for the monitoring of key metrics, including purchase frequency, customer preferences, average order value, and demographics. Utilizing this wealth of information, merchants can spot trends, fine-tune their understanding of customer desires, and adapt their marketing approaches for maximum impact. For instance, recognizing a preference for specific products among certain demographics can lead to tailored promotions that resonate with that audience.

Furthermore, the ability to track marketing campaign performance in real-time empowers merchants to refine their strategies on the fly, ensuring optimal allocation of resources for heightened marketing efficacy.


Zeal's SmartPOS Plugin bridges the gap between physical retail and online commerce. It’s a strategic investment for payment acquirers and ISVs who are looking to deliver an exceptional customer experience and satisfaction to their customers and drive business growth worldwide by leveraging the power of transactional data, loyalty, and AI.

Ready to unlock the potential of Zeal's SmartPOS Plugin for your acquiring business? Whether you're a payment acquirer or an ISV, request a demo now to discover how Zeal can drive growth for your business!