ZealPay Launches Dara's Ice Cream App

The London-born, Cairo-based tech startup ZealPay, has announced the launch of its client, Dara’s Ice Cream brand.

ZealPay Launches Dara's Ice Cream App

A new app that offers customized rewards and seamless payment experiences for customers with world-class data and analytics to drive higher customer loyalty and increase revenues for Dara’s Ice Cream.

Dara’s Ice Cream planned to win over its customer data and insights to understand their behavior and make more informed decisions. They also needed a way to reward their repeat customers for being loyal, attract new customers to get back again, and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Therefore, the new mobile app-based loyalty program, powered by ZealPay, comes with 3 main features; 'Delivery,' 'Pickup,' and 'Pay in-store.' These features will empower Dara's Ice Cream to achieve its key objectives and put its customer data to work so that they get real-time and accurate reporting on what's working and what needs to be improved. And with the loyalty card in place, users can gain rewards seamlessly with every purchase they make via the app or in-store.

Dara Ghosheh, Founder of Dara's Ice Cream, has commented “We are very excited to have ZealPay as our app development partner. The app is an amazing yet simple tool to help us map our customer journey, gain valuable data and insights into their profiles and purchase behaviors, and show appreciation for our existing customers by offering them loyalty incentives and a unique digital experience.”

ZealPay Founder and CEO Omar Ebeid said: “We strive to build a world-class digital experience that brings customers and their favorite brands together in a seamless way while empowering businesses to make informed decisions based on data and analytics. Hence, we were very excited to work hand-in-hand with the best ice cream shop in Egypt to create a unique experience for Dara’s audience while enabling them to track their loyalty progress. We’re looking forward to increasing the retention by double and elevating the revenue growth.”

About ZealPay:

Founded in 2019, Zeal is an innovative Cairo-based startup backed by global strategic investors to empower brands with the next generation of payments, loyalty, and AI-powered insights. We provide our merchants with world-class data, analytics & tools to predict consumer behavior using Artificial Intelligence to enable merchants to unlock the full potential of the customers in the most convenient user experience.