Payment-Linked Loyalty, Here’s What You Need to Know

We live in a digital era where everything can be achieved with a click. Companies that employ loyalty programs work daily to facilitate the customer's shopping experience. With that comes payment-linked loyalty. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Payment-Linked Loyalty, Here’s What You Need to Know

It takes more than one idea to maintain customer loyalty. In recent years, loyalty programs have become integral to corporate strategy for increasing sales and elevating the customer experience. From carefully designing the app to applying data analytics powered by AI, loyalty apps are about convenience in every service their offer. One of the many pros that should be available is the nonexistence of any problem in any transactional process between the cashier and customers.

Facilitating the customer's app usage is crucial, so the choice to implement an easy payment system is a must.

The solution is Payment-Linked Loyalty.

What is payment-linked loyalty? Glad you asked. So sit back and read very carefully, as we are about to uncover everything payment-linked loyalty does.

Payment-Linked Loyalty.

It's about the customer linking/inserting a payment method to the loyalty app. The payment methods vary from debit, credit card, e-wallet, PayPal, etc.

According to Statista, business executives are applying digitalized mobile payment to improve customer loyalty.

So based on the report by Statista, mobile capabilities are in vogue. From here, we can see what makes payment-linked loyalty so exciting, which benefits both customers and business owners.

So let's start dissecting each party.

1- Customers

  • Hassle-free:
    Customers won't bury the burden of carrying physical cash with them, and through paying using digital methods, they can earn loyalty points to be redeemed whenever they please.

  • Rewards and points earned:
    After making a transaction, whether in-store or online, customers will be notified of their points and rewards by email, text message, or push notification. This will encourage them to keep coming back to your business.
    Rewards keep people engaged with your company and use the loyalty app more often. So with payment-linked loyalty, customers will be more eager to redeem rewards and use credit or digital wallets to earn more points.

  • One-time registration
    Payment-linked loyalty apps provide one-time registration when clients check out at a store or shop online.
    The clients can sign up during checkout, on a unique signup page, on a terminal, or from the POS.

2- Business Owners

Now we are getting to the real deal. As a business owner, how can payment-linked loyalty help my company?

  • Tracking Down Consumer Behaviour:
    As the customers pay for the service via card or e-wallet, you can track down and see what the customers spend their money on, their most frequent purchases, and what times they purchase the most.

  • Lowering the checkout Queue
    Customers hate waiting, and faster payment processing and checkout speeds allow you to cut down on queues.

  • Having Accurate Data:
    Tracking down a customer's behavior must rely on sufficient data. By applying payment-linked loyalty to the loyalty app, you get the most precise data on the customer base. Data gives the business a complete overview of its customers, from purchase behavior, interest, reviews, and more; this enables business owners to provide a more meaningful and personalized experience.

With more accurate data, it leads to...

  • Creating Tailored Ads

With more data comes tailored ads.

When identifying your most loyal customers and the upcoming ones, you can create specialized at based on their likes, purchase history, and reviews left by them. This way, customers will be more inclined to return and purchase more goods from you.

Payment-linked loyalty offers many perks that can elevate business states. It seems impossible to imagine all of these advantages come from applying one factor, yet it's very true.


Through a payment-linked loyalty program, merchants can transform their rewards system to attract more customers, provide a better customer experience, and boost customer loyalty.

Easy, fast, and secure, it hits the trifecta of a perfect long-running business.

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