Customers Come First: How Zeal Is Made to Help You Boost Your Customer Base

Loyalty programs are common these days. Used by businesses all over the world for Its effective, spot-on data and analytics, it helped merchants thrive. Enters Zeal, AI data-driven loyalty program, with the goal to solve problems faced by merchants through smart and correct data.

Customers Come First: How Zeal Is Made to Help You Boost Your Customer Base

Understanding the struggles and hurdles merchants face daily on how to follow consumer behavior, see the change in trends, and try to stay afloat in the face of a turbulent economy, we feel their pain, their need to always keep up with the latest updates.

The solution manifested through creating loyalty programs designed to attract new customers, maintain the current ones, and allow businesses full access to accurate and updated information that helps them make a concrete and foolproof marketing plan and long-term business plan.

You're probably thinking, "loyalty program isn't that new idea. What makes Zeal so special?"

Let's jump into who Zeal is, its purpose, and its long-term and long-term plans.

A brief introduction to Zeal (History and mission)

Driven by ambition and backed by elite local & regional investors, Zeal is a Cairo-based startup made to give brands the power to elevate their status by providing top-notch, intelligent, and simple mobile payment and loyalty solutions.

Zeal allows companies to access all data and analytic tools using artificial intelligence (AI).

The perks of Zeal implementing AI data analytics tools for businesses are:

1- Track user behavior

2- See growth throughout the year

3- Get feedback

All these benefits help businesses unlock the many gates to gaining new customers. From here, two parties benefit from loyalty apps:

1- Customers who can easily reach out to brands, learn about their services, and purchase goods in no time.

2- Business owners can see their strengths and weakness and then work on an impeccable plan to achieve customer satisfaction, maintain loyalty, and open the door to gaining new customers.

Customer-first, that's our main mission.

In building the best-in-class AI engine, Zeal is on a mission to provide the merchants with tools to attract new customers, increase their retention rate, and increase the lifetime value of existing customers, all with the most suitable and simplistic payment solution.

Under the slogan, "The future of digital payments, loyalty and AI." Zeal is keen always to be ahead of the curve, to have foresight into the future, and meticulously craft its services that cater to all partners' needs.

The key to long-lasting success achieved by mega-corporations is knowledge. Excellent what a simple piece of information can do to create a 180 shift in a business.

The foundation of a proper loyalty program starts with merchants. When Signing up for a loyalty program, it's the easiest way for them to track the ups and downs of the business by using data and seeing analytics that keep the boat going. You see, offers and discounts aren't what keep a customer loyal. And name recognition isn't as effective as it used to be.

Businesses worldwide make hot deals and create offers customers cannot refuse daily. However, the key to maintaining and tapping into a new line of customers comes from understanding how to capitalize and develop tailored programs and rewards for the consumer.

The secret to the success and longevity of a brand is Data, and once the correct Data is attained, a happy customer will be maintained.

Collecting Data through an AI system is efficient, time-saving, and accurate. Many significant corporates use it to attract many people.

On a broad example, Youtube uses AI in its algorithm, which collects Data, sees what people watch, and understands their interests; hence it recommends videos based on their watch history.

Moving on to a much more relatable topic, many fast food chain restaurants and famous coffeehouse companies use loyalty programs, leading them to attain unprecedented success in acquiring new clients and keeping existing clients satisfied.

For example, in 2020, McDonald's rewards became one of the industry's most effective programs; a year after its launch, it held 21 million active users.

Now returning to the main topic, what can Zeal offer in this very competitive industry?

Let's find out.

Zeal values

Time flies fast and businesses need to be on their toes to follow all changes occurring every second. Well, so does Zeal.

In a world filled with problems, false promises, and delayed actions, Zeal goes all in to ensure that everything is smooth sailing.

1# Solve Problems:

The market has many hidden details. As problems appear out of nowhere, Zeal uses its expertise to solve problems by going through analytics and fixing issues ASAP.

#2 Act fast:

Time moves forward and doesn't pass by so slowly. Hence, Zeal ensures that everything is delivered on time.

"Time and tide wait for no man and we do not wait to make some action."

#3 Keep Promises:

Honesty and credibility are the beating heart of Zeal, which led to cementing their names as reliable and dealing with major companies, varying from Visa, Dara's Ice Cream, El Sagheer Salon...etc.

#4 Pay Attention to Details:

Every detail matters, regardless of how insignificant it is.

How Zeal operates can be summed up in one word " Documentation."

From observers and documentarians to developers, all knowledge that has been obtained by Zeal is used to improve businesses.

Details are what make businesses BOOM, shape their upcoming steps and line their long-term action plan. So with a loyalty program that collects all data made by a detail-oriented brand, you are on the right way to success.

#5 Flexible to change:

There is an old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” which is not entirely wrong, but in this day and age, you cannot just stand there and not take risks by being flexible to change. Zeal sees the world constantly changing, nothing stays the same, and for that, they are always flexible to change and keen to make sure merchants don’t fall behind by staying in their lane and sticking to old tricks and methods.


Zeal cares for you, is made to help you, and most importantly, is here to give you the power to lead your business and go above and beyond your expectations.